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These images are all protected by creator's copyright - but if you'd like to swipe any for your own non-profit personal use, please feel free to do so.  In fact, that's rather flattering!  My only request is that, in exchange, you post a link to my homepage from your site and give me the proper credit for creating the image somewhere within your pages.  Also, please inform me of your actions - I'd really enjoy visiting to see what use you've made of my work!   Finally, all the paintings in this gallery are for sale unless otherwise noted.  Please contact me by e-mail if you'd like to purchase any.

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All my original material is protected by creator's copyright, according to this footnote:"Copyright protection subsists . . . in original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed, from which they can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device."  17 U.S.C. 102(a).   "A work is "fixed" in a tangible medium of expression when its embodiment in a copy or phonorecord, by or under the authority of the author, is sufficiently permanent or stable to permit it to be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated for a period of more than transitory duration."  17 U.S.C. 101.

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